A photo of Krista Soriano
Nice to meet you!

I’m Krista, a product designer inspired by a future where empathy precedes action.

My work focuses on identifying and understanding challenges that people have, developing simple but scalable solutions, and driving positive change and outcomes. The common thread throughout my career—from journalism-trained digital content developer up to now—has been representing the needs and interests of people on all different paths and journeys and designing experiences that meet them where they are.

Currently, I'm a freelance UX designer partnering with the product and engineering teams at a health and wellness company. Prior to UX design, I've worked at digital media giants and startups, telling stories and developing branded content for some of the world's largest lifestyle brands including Target, Rolex, Delta Airlines, Starbucks, and Chrysler. 

I hope to bring my perspectives and experiences to a team that thrives on diversity of thought, values kindness, embraces lifelong learning and growth, and exists to reimagine elegant, human-centered products that serve and delight. 

That’s enough about me! What about you?

I’d love to learn about any design challenges we can solve together.